former post office

Former Post Office

There were some very unhappy people when the US Postal Service relocated the post office in 1995. This building, in the center of the Borough at the intersection of Main Street and Delaware Avenue, was easy to reach and attracted many customers to come and shop. However, there was fairly general agreement that the parking facilities were woefully inadequate.

Every morning, someone from the post office would raise the flag up the tall flag pole in front of the building. Of course, the flag would be retired in the evening. Occasionally, some of the Borough's young people, a Scout unit or a class from one of the local schools, would assist raising or lower of the flag with appropiate ceremony. This was such a nice part of life in a small town that is now gone forever.

Another casualty of the Post Office relocation was the loss of the community bulletin board. There was a kiosk located near the corner of the building, near the intersection (right side of the photo as we look at it), with four glass covered bulletin boards arranged around the kiosk. One bulletin board was used by the Town Clerk to post official notices and was usually locked. The other three boards were open for public use at any time. This was a great way to find out about what was for sale, where the yard sales were, what public events were being planned. Another small touch of Americana has disappeared from Pennington.

"Even structures became prey to the passageof time and the demands of the period. One of the earliest physical changes in town in 1960 was the demolition of the building on the corner of South Main Street and West Delaware Avenue to make way for the construction of a one-story, seven-room brick structure to be leased for use as a United States Post Office." (Pennington Profile)

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posted 2007 July