Excerpts from a booklet by the
Pennington Historic Sites Committee

Pennington was settled circa 1708 and incorporated as a borough in 1890. It grew slowly so that it contains an eclectic but compatible mix of architectural styles. While only two or three 18th century buildings remain, many of the buildings constructed in the first half of the 19th century continued the stylistic traditions of the 18th. The buildings in this guide represent those buildings as well as a variety of other architectural styles from the Victorian era and early 20th century and many buildings of importance in the borough's history. The Pennington Crossroads area has been designated as a historic district by the Pennington Planning Board and is deemed eligible for nomination to the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

Franklin Avenue
South on Main Street
• West on Delaware Avenue
South on Main Street
• Cross Main and go north
East on Delaware Avenue
• North on Eglantine Avenue
• Return to Railroad Station
Walking Tour Map

Your tour begins at the Railroad Station and travels the route shown on the left. Join us at any point along the route and use the address list on each page to see all of the buildings along the tour.

This material is taken from a booklet entitled Walking Tour Guide created by the Borough of Pennington Historic Sites Committee around 1990. The booklet was given to me by William Schmidt, former President of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society. Bill was a nice person, I like to think of him as a friend.
Note the small street map at the top-left of each page. This will trace our route in red, as we go from page to page. The map does not show any of the side streets and is not accurate with respect to size and shape.

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For further information about Pennington, refer to the books listed on the home page.

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