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Signs of Pennington

This set of pages started as an opportunity to display some of the interesting, historic homes in Pennington that are not included in the Walking Tour Guide. Later, it seemed reasonable to try to show all the historic signs in the Borough as one set of pages. So, some of the houses seen on the Walking Tour of Pennington are also shown here.

Navigation is extremely simple for this set of pages. Clicking on any of the above signs takes you to the associated page for more information. You may use the list of addresses at the left of each page to avoid having to return to this page.

This started as a fun page that just grew and grew. Initially, I was thinking about something like a puzzle, maybe "how many signs can you identify?" Then, I decided to centralize all of the signs on the website into this set of pages, leading to a major rewrite of some earlier sections. Worse, I started becoming confused about which sign was related to which house. So much for that idea.

If you enjoy Signs of Pennington, why not send me an email. If you are aware of other signs or of additional related historical information, please contact me.

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posted June 2007