Initially this was simply a listing of the grave sites in the Pennington African Cemetery based upon information posted on the web. Then, Bruce Harrison, a Pennington Boy Scout, did a project where he copied the information shown on the individual grave markers in the cemetery, a huge effort requiring a great deal of work and time.
With so much material being posted we had to redesign the Pennington African Cemetery website. I hope you find this interesting and informative. Please let us know if you can add more information about the Pennington African Cemetery.
Pennington African Cemetery burials listed by name.
This listing was initially based upon information found on the web. Now the information is taken from Bruce Harrison's research. Sorting the listing by name tends to make it easier to locate family names and family relationships.
Pennington African Cemetery burials listed byDate of Death/Burial.
Information for this listing was provided by Bruce Harrison and was also incorporated, where possible, into the listing by name. Sorting by Date of Death/Burial tends to make it easier to associate families with friends and family from around the same time. It also makes it easier to associate family with various events, such as when there was a war.
Pennington African Cemetery History
Written by Angelia Witcher. The Witcher family have been long-time residents of Pennington. Angelia's father, Albert Witcher, was a fine, hard-working person who maintained the Pennington African Cemetery for many years as a volunteer.
Paying Tribute To Black Civil War Vets
Written by Jack Knarr, staff writer for the Trenton Times, NJ. This was published by the Trenton Times on May 31, 2005
Military history of African Americans
Discussion of African American participation in the various wars fought by America. Published by Wikipedia the original page may be viewed at

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